Going Dutch
  It would have proved to have been an inspired idea had the Dutch maintained their devastating form. Long before Euro 2008, an old friend of mine decided to tie the knot with his long-betrothed beloved. Not only fearing the sad farewell to his status as a single man, he was also facing up to the fact that his perceived time as a rock'n'roll rebel was coming to an end (he actually works in PR). So, wanting to make one last mistake before entering a life of wedded bliss, said friend organizes his stag weekend in Amsterdam - at the end of June.

So your blog correspondent is now preparing to board a train with the intention of delivering the same level of insight and wry observation that has graced these pages for the past three weeks - but from Sin City.

I'm not making any promises, mind.
Nick Amies 28.06.2008, 04:28 # 1 Comment
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